Wednesday, April 4, 2012

FAIL, or Why You Should Always Make Your Grocery List Before You Leave Home

Remember that time I told you how I hate it when people overuse catchphrases? Well, recently my mom informed me that saying FAIL is (and I quote) "her thing."

Mom, I love you... but you're about three years behind on this one.

Since this became "her thing", I've grown accustomed to her turning to me and whisper-shouting "FAIL" any time we're in public and she sees someone who could benefit from a Stacy and Clinton intervention. Or, you know, fails in some other way. Discreet, right?

As much as I hate this sort of thing, I couldn't help but think it to myself when I pulled these out of the oven last night:

It's okay, Mom... you can say it. FAIL.

These were supposed to be the most epic (speaking of overused words...) chocolate peanut butter cupcakes ever. I've been planning and talking about them for weeks, and I was excited to finally have a new recipe to share after my somewhat sporadical posting over the past few weeks. I mean, let's be honest... as incredible as those s'more stuffed cookies were, it didn't really qualify as a recipe.

As you've probably guessed, everything went wrong. I didn't have any butter (how?!) for the filling and frosting, so I tried to use "light butter with canola oil" instead. I was short 1/4 cup of vegetable oil for the cake batter and had to adjust the rest of the ingredients accordingly. I scooped the cupcakes way too big, as you can clearly see. And on top of it all, I dropped an egg on the floor!!

(Okay, that actually had nothing to do with these cupcakes failing. But it adds dramatic effect, right?)

Oh, and you know how recipes usually warn you not to use natural peanut butter? Well, I always say pshhh to that and use it anyway. Cue nasty layer of separated oil in the middle of my sunken cupcakes.

The only good that came of making these was that I finally had an excuse to buy Nutter Butters AND I got to console myself by eating two frozen peanut butter balls. All in all, I think I came out ahead.

I won't go into detail about what these cupcakes were supposed to be because I'm still planning to make them at some point. In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite chocolate peanut butter treats for you to try:

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