Friday, June 4, 2010

Here's to baking my cake and eating it too!

It's been a year since I graduated college, and here is what I've realized so far:

1. I don't want to be a teacher after all.
2. I entered the job market at the worst possible time.
3. I hate the only job I've managed to get.
4. What I would really like to do is become a pastry chef!

Why didn't I realize this before? I've always enjoyed baking, I have a fondness for anything sweet, and if I'm watching television, the Food Network is on more often than not. I am not an experienced baker by any means... but in the past month I've realized that I want to become one.

Of course it would have been much more convenient to have realized this four years ago. But even if I had, I doubt that the me of four years ago would have considered pastry chef a viable career choice. At that time, earning a four-year degree was the only pathway to success in my mind. But after discovering how it feels to spend forty hours a week doing something I couldn't care less about, I've learned that success simply means finding a way to spend every day doing something that makes me happy.

Going to pastry school won't be a viable option for me any time soon, and after six months of applying for job after job with no response whatsoever, it looks like I'm stuck in the one I have, at least for now.

And so, to distract myself in the meantime, I've created this blog.

I plan to try out a new recipe every week and post the results here. My hope is that I will gain experience, enjoy myself, and of course, indulge in delicious confections ad infinitum!

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  1. Came upon your blog through a comment you made on another blog.

    Pastry/Culinary school is quite expensive. If you love everything about desserts, you should try applying for a job at a local bakery! It's the best way to gain experience and you can see if you really like working in the food industry.

    Happy baking!